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Vesture Restaurant POS software is Cloud based ERP System which allows the ability to the owners to monitoring their business and identifies their restaurant from anywhere in real time only with the help of web browser and the internet. The Vesture Restaurant POS software allows an extensive scale of Reports on all business activities, such as detailed sales reporting, payroll, Employee scheduling and inventory management. Simplify and manage your restaurant chain efficiently by using cutting-edge Restaurant POS software. A R Softwares Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known IT solutions provider, popular to offer creative solutions for the people in the hospitality industry. Our products are created keeping your business requirements in mind. When you communicate with us, you are dealing with some of the experienced and innovative minds that understand the ins and outs of the hospitality industry.

Restaurant POS Features


Vesture POS, created by A R Softwares, takes care of front-end as well as back-end operations including but not limited to warehouse, accounts, supply chain, and payroll, among others. Our module makes it easy for you to sync order indents, GRN, sales receipts, menu items and purchase orders, among others.

Single Location Control

Our cloud platform helps you manage various key operations from a single location. This not just helps you coordinate with your team efficiently but also lets you have complete control over the menu items.

Dashboard View

Easy to understand dashboard view helps the user(s) get instant information for various tasks created and information downloaded to the head office.

User Access

It is up to the restaurants to allow access to the users. This enhances overall control over information and results in less or no discrepancies.

Table Management

Inventory Management

Analysis Report

Delivery Management

Easy Customer Billing

Easy Accounting Methods

Optimize Supply Chain

Discounts & Schemes

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